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Medical Clinic 8/27/23

The medical outreach clinic kicked off in successful fashion on Sunday, August 27.  Over 50 grateful patients were treated by TCM practitioners.  The free clinic has been a long-time goal of Dr. Angela Wang and is also supported by California University Silicon Valley and Guardian Acupuncture.

我們的義診於 8 月 27 日(星期日)成功拉開帷幕。超過 50 名患者接受了中醫執業者的治療。此次免費義診是王醫生長期以來的目標,也得到了加州大學矽谷分校和Guardian針灸診所的葉醫生支持。


And the excitement continues...

As the providers and volunteers were packing up after treating a fully-booked patient schedule, news came of a downed tree blocking the LMB exit.  There was a scramble for grounds maintenance to remove the tree.  A flurry of chain saws and 2 hours later, even though the downed tree was cleared, there was a live power line in the middle of the road.


Four more hours, multiple calls to PG&E, refreshment turned into full dinner at LMB cafeteria.  Just as overnight accommodations were being made, a brief opening to leave as the PG&E crew arrived to repair the downed power line.  Mad dash to the exit for those who heard the announcement, and 2 more hour wait for the one who didn't... 


就這樣子菩薩把我們留在藥師淨土…  LMB 先提供點心茶水,觀察等待,隨時給最新報告,還好餐廳有發電池所以可以煮飯給我們一群善心人士吃飯!




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